The 9 Best Passive Income Ideas for 2019!

Hmmm, so you want really want to know about the passive income game huh? Well, you have come to the right place.

Below I have outlined the 9 best ways I have found to make good passive income from home.

But before we do so lets touch the basics first.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is money made from an asset or other enterprise in which a person doesn’t have to directly work to get paid.

Passive Income is basically setting up some type of system that will make money for you at anytime.

Sounds Great Right!?

Good, now lets get to the juicy stuff and learn the best ways to make passive income online now!

The Top 9 Best Ways to Generate Passive Income From Home

1. Affiliate Marketing.

 Affiliate Marketing is basically you referring website visitors to buy products or services online and you can earn a small commission on each sale. This is really a great way to make money and is personally one of my primary sources of income!

There are a lot of affiliate marketing companies out there and you can get lost so since this Is a blog about legit ways to make money online, I will say that its not just easy breezy making money with affiliate marketing. Especially without the right system.

I personally was lucky to find the right system 5 years ago to help me take my affiliate marketing money to another level.

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2. Online Paid Surveys.

What does it pay? Up to $20 per survey

Surveys stand as one of the easiest gigs on the Internet. Survey sites get data from customers. Companies then use this data to improve their services and products. Because these surveys help these companies increase their bottom line, they’re willing to pay people to take them.

You only need a few minutes a day to make a pretty good income from online surveys. To do this work, create an account on each of the sites that you want to use. Sign up for several sites as you won’t be able to take every survey on every site.

Paid surveys won’t make you rich, but can be a cool relaxed way to make extra income. The best part is you can easily do them in your downtime.

SurveyJunkie appears to be a legit source to make money with paid surveys

If you like SurveyJunkie, check out Pinecone Research (free $5 bonus; earn up to $35 a survey)

3. Blogging.

Another great way to work from home AND be your own boss is to start a blog.

It’s actually really easy to start a blog. Modern web tools like WordPress mean that you don’t even need to know a single line of code to start your own site. They also come with a wide range of free, customizable themes to give your blog a sharp, unique look.

Bloggers make money a few ways. First, you can get money from displaying ads on your blog. Once again, modern website tools make it easy to set these ads up. Just designate a space on your site for the ad and the application will fill in the ads and get you paid.

Bloggers can also make money from affiliate deals with companies in their niche. Companies will pay bloggers to review their products and include links where people can buy those products. The blogger makes a commission on every sale that comes through their site.

The best way to start a profitable blog from home is to pick a unique niche and stick with it. That way you’ll attract people looking for content in that niche, but you’ll limit out the amount of sites you’re competing with for clicks and views. This lets you start ranking higher and getting more views. That translates into more ad revenue and more affiliate deals.

Another great perk of blogging is that you can get free stuff. Even if a company doesn’t pay you to review their products, they’ll still send you new products to review. That means you’ll save money on your hobby or interest because you’ll get things for free.

Blogging is not difficult to monetize and can be a fun outlet to practice your writing and build an audience around a particular niche.

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4. Selling on Amazon.

Probably the most popular side hustles since it hit the market has been Amazon’s FBA program, in which you find bargain deals locally, and sell them off to sell on Amazon.

I started my Amazon FBA business years ago and have made thousands per month selling either other peoples products or from dropshipping.
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5. Make money with Fiverr.

Fiverr is all about the 5. The basic premise is “what would you do for $5?” You’ll find everything from funny crazy and useless gigs to legit and helpful micro-business tasks.

You can make more than 5 bucks per gig if you’re skilled so don’t get caught up in the 5 dollar slogan. You can charge what ever the market demands, like I said depending on your skills.

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6. Kindle Publishing.

Selling ebooks on Amazon is one of the income streams I have been experimenting with. The idea of having your work for sale on the world’s largest store can really blow up your pockets!

E-Books has become the new wave and are very easy to create especially if you’re a writer anyway.

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7. Teespring.

Teespring is a print-on-demand t-shirt platform, where you can custom-design your own shirts and sell them through the site. Teespring is a great way to cash in on trending memes or slogans and turn them into your own products to sell! You can create your own T-Shirt or coffee mug and sell it on Amazon or your own website etc.

8. Create an online course:

Got knowledge thats in demand? There’s a market for specialized expertise, especially if you can create an online course and sell it on an online platform like Udemy.

9. Flippa

One of the easiest if not the easiest way to earn passive income online is Flippa. With Flippa you basically buy a website that is already genearting traffic and already has google adsense hooked up where its making money.

I personally love flipping websites because its sooo easy. You just buy a website that may already be making $500 a month and crank up the traffic so that its making more and then resell on flippa.

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