The How To Get Paid On Youtube Master Blueprint 2019



What Is YouTube Marketing All About?

If you don’t know how to get paid on youtube yet then you have found the golden blueprint on how to do just that. Allow me to explain the power of video marketing for 2019 and beyond. Video marketing has been a growing trend for a few years now. We’ve been saying that video is where the web is going, and we weren’t wrong: ever since last year video traffic makes up at least 78% of online traffic, and estimates forecast that it will go up to 80% in 2020!

In fact, it’s been found that all online traffic after 5 PM is video traffic, and most of that traffic goes to the largest video streaming platforms around, particularly YouTube, which uses video traffic to generate revenue. YouTube has massive amounts of traffic, viewers, and content.

It is the second most visited website in the world, right after Google. There are currently over 1 billion people using the platform to upload and consume
video content, with over 300 hours of video being uploaded every day to the site! Now, it is well known by this point that YouTube generates revenue by way of digital advertising.

By letting content creators upload content to the platform, it has created the perfect channel where businesses can put their adverts in front of a large audience. It is a win-win situation where businesses can get more exposure, and where YouTube and content creators can pocket their respective share of the advertising revenue.

But the truth is that ad revenue is not the only way of making money on YouTube, and advertising is not the only option for businesses that want to get more customers and more exposure.

In fact, YouTube marketing has not only become a great marketing tool because it allows marketers to upload unique content that is easy to share and consume, but also because it allows online and offline businesses to take advantage of video traffic to grow their presence.

This is because YouTube is the second largest search engine, and it can help marketers to improve any brand or business’ search engine optimization efforts.

That said, YouTube marketing is all about ranking your videos to help them reach the top spot in search results, both on YouTube and on Google. Once you are able to rank a video in the top listings you will be able to get, on average, a 34% increase in exposure. That means that if you upload a video on YouTube to promote your business or brand and you are able to rank it on top, you will be able to generate more visitors to your website, or to your online store, or to your online events.

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Must-Know YouTube Best Practices For Businesses

YouTube is a must for businesses that want to grow their online presence, to build their brand, to get more leads, and to close more deals. As a business owner, or as a marketer managing YouTube Marketing efforts on behalf of a business, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on video ads to get results if you apply the following best practices.

Create A Video Marketing Calendar

As a business owner, or as a marketer with business owners as clients, you already know how important it is to keep everything on schedule. That means that you will have to include a slot for YouTube Marketing on your business calendar.

Because it is not enough to upload marketing videos to YouTube when you feel like it, the best way to get started is by adding video marketing to your existing blog and social media editorial calendars, or by simply creating a separate video marketing calendar.

Divide Your Video Marketing Calendar Into Different Types Of Videos

One of the most successful ways of providing value to your potential customers on YouTube is by dividing your video marketing
calendar into different activities. That way you’ll make sure to keep your audience as well as your customers coming back to watch your videos at a specific rate, depending on what type of videos they like to watch the most. The different types of marketing videos that we have found to work the best for different people are:
✓ Product Promotions
✓ Event Promotions
✓ Whiteboard Videos and Animations
✓ Webinars
✓ Software Demonstrations, especially if they’re live
✓ Live Streams
✓ “Behind The Scenes” and “Company Culture” videos


Picking A Profitable Niche And Doing Keyword Research

Being successful on YouTube is a matter of picking a profitable niche that you’ll be able to promote well. There are niches that are harder to promote than others because they’re too specific, or because they’re not too popular.

There are two easy methods to research niches that you can pick to promote on your channel.
The first method is by using YouTube, and the second method is by using affiliate marketplaces.

Using YouTube To Find A Profitable Niche

There are two ways to use YouTube to find profitable niches and topics to promote.

The first one is by using the “Trending” feed. You can access the “trending” feed from YouTube’s homepage by moving to the left-hand menu and clicking on the “trending” tab. The “trending” page will show you a list of hot-topic videos that are trending on YouTube at the moment.

The other way to find profitable niches to promote on YouTube is by checking the “Popular On YouTube” page, which you can access by clicking on the “Popular on YouTube” tab on the left-hand menu.

You will find that at any given moment the most popular niches include travel, health care, technology, gaming, make up routines, fashion, sports, app reviews, and cooking.

Using YouTube to find profitable niches will be better for you if your goal is to monetize your content through ad revenue or direct sponsorships, because you will be able to see how trending videos are optimized to get lots of engagement.

Using Affiliate Marketplaces To Find A Profitable Niche

If on the other hand your goal is to monetize your content through affiliate links or your own online store then you should look for profitable niches on large stores such as or affiliate marketplaces such as, which we are going to use as examples. To find profitable niches or products and services to promote on you will simply have to go to Amazon’s best seller’s URL ( Once there you will simply have to look at the featured listings.

From top to bottom you will find the most popular products, the ones that are selling like hotcakes. You can also click on the “new releases” tab to check out the newest items from the bestselling niches.

HOW TO MONETIZE YOUTUBE – Alternative Monetization Strategies To Consider

YouTube can be a gold mine for marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs looking for additional revenue streams to add to their bottom lines. That is because there are countless ways that you can make money on the side with your YouTube videos, and here are the ones that have made us the most money this year so far!

How To Get Paid On Youtube Selling Your Own Branded Merchandise

You can supplement your income as a content creator by selling merchandise branded after your logos and content. There are
several print-on-demand services out there such as “” that will help you to sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, pillows, bags, and other types of merchandise with your own designs without you having to invest money up front.

You will only have to upload your designs to your product pages, to produce mock-up images of your products to promote on your videos and to add links to your product pages in your descriptions, or on annotations.

How To Get Paid On Youtube Offering Bonus Content Through A Subscription

As a YouTube marketer or content creator, you can set up a subscription-like venue for people that would like to support your work.

It works like this:

You are already uploading or promoting content for free to your viewers, but that content is supported by ad revenue, your affiliatemsales, sponsorships, online store sales, or a combination of those. There will always be viewers that like your content more than others, and they will be willing to pay you if you can offer them bonus content outside of what you post on YouTube, and you can totally get paid by these fans for that bonus content through a funding platform. The most popular funding platform so far is “”, where you can easily set up a series of reward tiers that your fans can subscribe to. The
higher the tier, the more perks they get from you, and also the more they have to pay to you.

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Premium tools and Services to consider

“Animoto” is a powerful web- based video editing tool that will allow you to create great looking marketing videos to grow your business or brand on YouTube. Its drag-and-drop features will let you edit your raw videos and images into video ads, marketing videos for social media, and professional-grade promotional videos!

“Powtoon” is an online video editing tool that will help you transform your marketing videos
into awesome animated presentations. It is so easy to use, you’ll just have to add your logo and your message, then you’ll be ready to add all kinds of pre-existing elements. With Powtoon you will be able to create expensive-looking marketing videos in
less than 20 minutes!

VidIQ” is a YouTube certified partner platform that can help you to increase the commercial appeal of your YouTube
channels. They do so by increasing your channel’s organic reach by as much as ten times, by helping you build a loyal audience, by providing you with unique analytics data, and by directly involving you in the content and channel optimization strategies.

“BuzzSumo” is an online social search tool that will help you to find topics and keywords the easy
way by analyzing what type of content performs best for any topic or competitor. In other words, it will let
you use keywords to help you identify trending topics and popular content on YouTube and other social platforms


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